i rec your drums

Remote professionnal drums & percussions recording by Stan Delannoy

Designed for composers, musicians, singers, producers, or any other person with a musical project, I rec your drums offers remote drums and percussion recordings, of professional quality, at an adapted price.

Quality and creativity


I rec your drums is above all a talented and professional musician who will give a natural and lively touch to your takes. Thanks to his talent and creativity, Stan Delannoy will able to play exactly your demo or score, or even start from a blank page and pitch you his musical ideas ready to fit your project. Versatile, he will be able to record your drums in a great variety of styles, from mallet percussions (2 or 4 sticks), Latin/Afro Caribbean percussions, traditional percussions, orchestra percussions and accessories.


photo credit: romainrobine

Simplicity and efficiency


Have you already dealt with problems caused by renting a studio or backline, drums and mircophones setting, phases problems ?

I rec your drums is a complete service that covers everything from sound take and mix (if chosen) to all the technical and logistical issues that are often hard work and expensive. Just send your demos, ideas or scores and receive high quality files directly in your inbox.

It's just that simple!

Diversity and flexibility


I rec your drums is a lot more than one single drum set and played over and over again. It's a lot more than one single sound, one dynamic. Thanks to two studios and their complementary acoustics, to the quality and diversity of instruments and microphones, a real choice is made before every take, depending on your music. I rec your drums meets the need to adapt to the uniqueness of each project. 

Understanding and follow up


First of all, Stan Delannoy works for you and your music. It's the reason why the first contact, be it by mail, phone or video call, is essential in order to tell him as much as you can about your musical project and your expectations. The recording must fit you as a glove. The follow up will continue all along the process and revisions are possible so that you can be 100% satisfied with the results.

Your project, your choice


Are you a sound engineer and you need a non-mixed take? Are you a producer and you want an already mixed drums sound to integrate to your general mix? Are you a composer or a songwriter and you would like to get the recorded drums or percussions mixed with others instruments of your song?

The three formulas proposed by I rec your drums will totally adapt to your needs. If you choose a formula with mix included, the latter will be performed by François Clos, professional sound engineer working in studio and composing soundtracks. 

Exact quote


At I rec your drums, every project is closely analysed in order to propose the best possible rate, depending on the number of tracks, the timing, the number of instruments recorded, the mix,...

Do not hesitate to contact Stan Delannoy, tell him more about your projetc and its specificities, you will received free of charge and without obligation a quote adapted to your own project.


Julie Roué

Film music composer

Where do I start? Stan is the essential musician in every single one of my projects, live (About Luke, Malombra) and studio ones (the soundtracks of Jeune femme, Perdrix, Parlement,...). A few takes and it's done! Moreover, he always manages to propose inspiring and inspired sounds and rythms.

photo credit: juliebalagué

Alexis Morel

Author, composer

It's always touchy for a composer to write drums scores. Either we write the bass drum, the snare drum, the hi-hat (and we do it wrong!) or we let the drummer handle it by following the bass line. This is why we're so happy to work with a musician such as Stan Delannoy. I let him handle the drums scores of each of my lastest projects, he is such a talented drummer, he is precise, open, he is so inventive and his ideas are never banal and always to the point.

photo credit: mashamosconi

François Clos

Sound engineer

Recording with Stan Delannoy is a godsend: he is so comfortable with every style, he knows how to propose interesting sounds, also thanks to a large and complete set of drums and percussions, that he records with top quality microphones. He is also able to change the acoustics (with a mat "extreme" booth or a large room for percussions) in order to guarantee a warm and lively sound take. 

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