The fundamental steps for the construction and elaboration of your project:

1. First contact, your expectations

The first contact will allow you to talk about your project, your expectations and your wishes. The more you tell, the better. 

The more information you can detail about your project and your music, the better Stan Delannoy will be able to propose a recording that will fit your expectations. During this first step you will send him everything about your music and about the recording: the session and individual files, drums demos if you have some, the track with and/or without click, the scores, the references,...



Thanks to these pieces of information and depending on the pack you chose (through the page "formulas") Stan will be able to send you his best quote. If you're ok with it, then the cooperation starts.


3. First draft

A few days after you accepted the quote* you will receive a first stereo MP3 track. It is not final, it is just in order to check with you the sound and style proposition, the grooves, the instrumets, etc. 



Depending on your feedback, Stan will send you a full take and you will be able to request revisions, if need be, in order to be 100% satisfied with the result! 

Nota bene: for the "mixed" and "mixed and play" formula, the maximum number of revisions offered on mix is three.



Whan you are 100% satisfied with the recording, you will receive every high quality file (Wav-24bit or other format on demand) matching the chosen formula (see "formulas") 


6. PAyment

As soon as you receive the files, you will also receive an invoice that needs to be paid within 15 days.


*The delay may change depending on the ongoing activity of the studio and its availability.